happy st. patrick's day

to celebrate st. patrick's day
we went to a sham-rockin parade last weekend ;) 
we all wore green
and caught lots of junk goodies and beads at the parade
i even made princess s a new pair of leggings
check it out


crafty me

see those cutie leg warmers on baby stella?
i made those!
yep, that's right, i did it
all by myself
well, almost :)
you can read how to do it yourself HERE
i don't even have a sewing machine and it was still pretty darn easy
{thank you 6th grade home ec teacher}

and how cute is this kid of mine?
this photo cracks me up every time i look at it

and i am sadly doing a terrible job at blogging these days
hopefully i will get better
{once i adjust to life with 2 kids?!?!?!}