I am up at 1:53 am... what, you may ask, would one be doing at that hour.  Obviously I am blogging, my new obsession and favorite thing to do.
But let me tell you why.  For those of you who know me well, you know I love music.  No, I can not sing well or play an instrument, but I don't care, I LOVE MUSIC.  I do not leave the house without my ipod, if I happen to forget it, I return home when I realize I have forgotten it so that my day is not ruined.  OK, I digress.  If you know me well, you also know that I ♥ Phish.  My favorite band since high school.
Say what you will, yes I have changed a LOT since high school, but I still love most of the same music, at least the same "kind" of music (if there is such a thing).
ANYWHO, my favorite band of all time that I love, have seen countless times live, and would dream about seeing them live, broke up and went their separate ways several years ago.  Wow, I was sad and heartbroken, like they had actually broken up with me or something.
Phish decided to get back together this year and I got tickets to one show in Knoxville, TN.  It was great, fabulous, wonderful; I was a happy girl.
Then the boys announced they would have a festival Halloween weekend and finally announced it would be in California.  SAD.  I automatically knew I would not be able to go for numerous reasons, like my favorite son's birthday, being 7 months pregnant, watching my favorite son trick or treat, work, etc...  ahhhh, the responsibilities of being a grown-up.
This leads me to tell you why I am still up at 2 am.  Our lovely sirius station Jam On is playing the ENTIRE festival live, as it happens on the west coast in Cali.  YAY!!!!!  Wait, when am I going to sleep this weekend???  Oh, who cares, this is the next best thing to being there... kinda.  Still wish I was there, but at least I get to still do the special things with my boy and not have to use portopotties.  Yep, that's how I'm looking at it and I'm pretty excited about it all.
Please ignore any misspellings, typos, etc... I do not care, I am tired, and I thoroughly enjoyed the first night of Festival 8, even if I wasn't there.



Happy Birthday Jack!

Today is the day
5 years have flown by.

Happy Birthday to You, Jack!!!
We hope you had a wonderful party and a wonderful day...
Thank you for being such a wonderful son.


my sweet little man

the birthday countdown has begun... 4 more days and he will officially be 5!
this picture was taken right after he ate his ice cream, looked at me and said
Mom, this is the best birthday party ever.
melt my heart.
mind you, he also said that to me a few weeks ago when I took him to see this movie...
but I don't care, it's still SO sweet

and thank you my lovely friend christine for taking this particular photo of us...
you are GREATLY appreciated!!!


party time

This boy had his 5th birthday party this weekend... it is absolutely amazing how quickly time flies when someone so special enters your life and you watch them grow. I thank God everyday for the opportunity he has given me with motherhood. It has changed everything about me, so much for the better!

Thanks to all his friends who showed up for the party... he told me after the cake (even before the presents!) that it was the best party ever!!! How sweet is that?!?!?

And thank you SO much to all the grandparents, the uncle and my friend who traveled out of state to be there... you all made the event super special and we are all so happy you came!!!!

More to come on the birthday party and his actual birthday this week...
The MAIN reason I ♥ October is because of my favorite son.


i ♥ october #2

we recently went to the beach with friends to celebrate catalina's 5th birthday
{and i know a boy who will turn 5 before this month is over (stay tuned for that)}

and did i mention october has got to be the BEST time to go to the beach...
it's not too hot, not too cold

the sand doesn't burn your feet when you walk on the beach

and the water is just right

i ♥ october


i ♥ october

Reason #1... HALLOWEEN

although this brown dog HATES us now...

and Jack is getting a little scary...

a little outside decorating, which has completely washed away in the 6 inches of rain we've had in the last 2 weeks...

it was cute while it lasted.

Stay tuned for other reasons I ♥ October...


portrait of me + 1

So this is what my son thinks I look like right now.
And that's his sister he drew in my belly.
I love that he drew me skinny, he will make someone a fabulous husband one day.


fall is here

Or we are at least pretending fall is here... fall doesn't exactly happen in Louisiana...
we do cross our fingers and pray for cool weather for Halloween since most costumes are made for cooler weather...
anyway, this is the fall photo taken at Jack's school...
i ♥ it


my alma mater

I ♥ Auburn University. I graduated in 2000. Yep, almost 10 years ago...
it was a great experience...
I began dating my fabulous husband while there, he actually proposed on the steps of the Forestry Building (it was wonderfully sweet)

I met one of my best friends EVER there (i ♥ you claire)
I learned to appreciate football there... more like how to party and have a good time b/c of football
I am now turning my son into an Auburn fan and hopefully brainwashing him to attend the university, I think it is working, he was singing the fight song by age 3 and is still cheering for Auburn with me

Now I live in the heart of a different tiger country, it's just not the same... but we still get to attend a few Auburn games in this so called tiger country...
like this basketball game 2 years ago, we were one of 12 auburn fans in the stands and we won-

Last year we took Jack to his 1st Auburn football game ever, it was great!

And the lovely Alumni Association sent me this, which totally made me send them my money and sign Clay and I up.



Week 21

Thank you sweet neighbor for taking this photo of/for me (and the baby)...

and thank you even more sweet neighbor for cropping out my double chin- you're the best!