What a wonderful birthday I had!  Probably the best one in years.  My mom, brother-in-law and future sister-in-law came all the way from Alabama to celebrate my birthday :)
OK, yes, they really came to see/meet Stella, but I can think they came for my birthday, RIGHT?!?!?

The mister brought me an super chocolately ice cream cake- yummy!  He is SO good.
Then yesterday he and Jack let me pick my favorite place to have lunch/dinner- PF Chang's it is!  Another yummy!  And then the boys gave me the new Super Mario Bros wii game, it is fun!  Finally a game I can play also!
And did I mention the Saints won and are now Super Bowl bound?!?!?!  What an exciting game!
Perfect ending to my 32nd birthday.
OH!  And Ms. Erin Guerdy also made my birthday a little happier by posting a few teasers from our Friday night photo shoot.  She is FABULOUS!  And I think Jack has a crush on her.  Here are a few of my favorites, I can not wait to see the rest!


I am not sure how I am ever going to decide which ones I like best.  Not to mention this is just a little peek at the photos she took!




for the wonderful grandparents in my children's lives

thank you all for traveling to meet your new granddaughter,
taking care of your grandson,
and helping me out so much
i could never tell you all how much i truly appreciate all you have done



you all!


ahhhh.... mommyhood

i can't believe how quickly time flies
and how quick you forget what it's like to live with a newborn
and it also breaks my heart how my memories of jack being this small are so limited
i know it will be the same way with stella :(
so to try to avoid that...
i am having photos taken by a professional, erin guedry
check out her blog here
i am SUPER excited
we have only done professional portraits once i think
and she is coming to my house so it's very exciting and i don't even have to leave the house
i'll let you know how it all goes and i am sure i will have fabulous photos to post soon!

i am so sad to say i have nothing really to say on my blog lately...
which would be why it has been postless
all i do is continue to recover from my unexpected c-section and take care of
jack and stella

i feel so blessed and lucky everyday to have the opportunity to be their mother
i hope i can do a good job and they are as proud of me as i am my own mother
{she has given me such a good life}
so, since i am not working and really leaving the house much
except to go to doctor appts and fun stuff like that
all i have is super cute pics i am taking all the time of the cutest baby girl EVER

like this one

our princess
i can not imagine how rotten this one is going to be
all the boys in this house are smitten with stella
{and so am I}
how could you not be?!?!?

and how about one more...
yesterday she decided to wake up for awhile

oh!  i did leave the house last saturday for this...

unfortunately it is SUPER hard to get good pics of kids playing basketball
but jack is there in the orange #3
5 year olds playing basketball is fabulous entertaining
i can't wait for this saturday's game :)


word{y} wednesday

thank you sweetest mommy in the world for one of our favorite Christmas presents
yep, those are snuggies and we all have one now :)
thanks again mom, you rock!

so, today is the big day...
little {actually giant} miss stella will be out of the womb sometime today
say a few prayers and wish me luck


the past few weeks

have been super busy to say the least... see for yourself.

jack was a shepherd in his school's Christmas program... we were SO proud :)


and here's one of the boys decorating the Christmas tree {while i sat on the sofa}
also, please note the biggest bama fan in louisiana is wearing auburn pants (i love you dear)

and sweet friends of mine from church had a baby shower for little miss stella :)
the alabama mommas came, it was great, thank you all SO much!

thank YOU for taking pictures for me!
and also, check out her post to see what jack and mister were doing new year's ever
while i was inside NAPPING
{seriously it was so loud and the little brown dog was going nuts, not sure how i napped}

to be continued...