mobile blogging

Alrighty folks, here goes my first attempt at blogging from my phone :)
If this works out I will definitely blog more

Recent pics of the cutest kids ever...

And how about my budding artist...

And finally Miss Stella's new walking shoes


this is my mad face

don't you love that i'm going for my camera instead of consoling her?
i'm a terrible mother


here we go again :)

and already i am posting again :)
this is for you grandma's...
a few pics from our small actual 1st birthday celebration

she didn't really eat the chocolate cupcake like I thought she would
definitely didn't take after me!!!

the actual PARTY is this weekend
hopefully i'm on a role and will be back with another post soon

and a VERY happy birthday to my dad today!  we love you!


so it's been awhile...

so long, our little lady just turned 1

my new year's resolution...

blog again!

we'll see if i can do it :)