man, what a monday {and holiday!}

hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving...
I know we did :)
we actually stayed home for the first time in years...
i wasn't up for traveling 12 hrs to dad's b/c i look like this-

lovely, right?
BTW, we had an ultrasound this morning
apparently i am going to have a HUGE baby...
she's already 5 lbs 9 oz and i have 2 months to go!!!

back to the holiday...
i made my first ever pie-

that bad boy has a cream cheese layer hidden in there...
i think i will make more for the next holiday ;)

I finally received my camera strap slip cover...
love it-

cute, huh?
you too can have one, just click here
she did a fabulous job and made mine especially for me :)

and don't you just love this guy's thanksgiving day getup...


and of course we had to watch football...
the iron bowl went much better than anticipated... but we still lost

i got this shirt from 2 sweet ladies out of new orleans
you can check out their stuff here

and here is a photo of happy mister after his team wins at the last minute... meh

at least i didn't have to listen to him whine and cry all night

and FINALLY we are working on the baby's room...
here's what we got so far-

is that not the cutest closet knoby thing you've ever seen?!?!?!

things are getting pink and girlie in my house - YAY!!!

so, there you have the last few days...
how about one last pic
can you get any cuter than this?!?!?

gotta ♥ those blue eyes and freckles


thursday thirteen - R

1- Rhonda... my favorite lady EVA {love you mom!}
2- Rain... we've had a LOT of this in south louisiana the past couple of months
3- Red wine... my favorite, i miss it
4- Recently... my favorite dave matthews band song
5- Run Like an Antelope... one of my favorite Phish songs
6- Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer... my fave non-religious holiday song
7- Radiohead, the Raconteurs, Rage Against the Machine, Railroad Earth, Rob Zombie... just a few of my favorite bands and a musician :)
8- Romantic... i am not :(
9- Rings... i love my rings {they are from mister}
10- Reading... i love to read
11- Redwood... aka- Sequoia sempervirens {for all you plant nerds out there} one of the coolest trees on our planet, if you ever get the chance, go to cali and check'em out
12- Raking leaves... i miss doing this and then jumping in them
13- Rainbows... always make me smile for some reason

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and gives thanks for all that we have and are blessed with.


random rambling

Here's the new bathroom...


Whatya think?

And here are a few shots of his new room with the decals...
{FYI... this is Mister's dream room}

We still have more work to do here... but it's coming along
slowly, but surely!

On a more festive note, my cutest son ever had a little Thanksgiving program last week.
What did I learn?  I REALLY need to learn how to use my new camera :(
But I did get a couple good shots afterwards.

aren't they adorable?

He did so well!  I am very proud, was teary the whole time...
but I'm going to blame that on the hormones :)

Thursday evening I sent my Ipod to Apple for a battery replacement.
I feel like I've lost my best friend :(
Can NOT wait to get her back!!!

Did I mention I rescued a 7 week old puppy from certain death last week also???
Stay tuned for pics...
and if you know anyone who may be interested in adopting this sweet guy,
or does animal rescue work,
PLEASE send them my way

OK... enough ramblings of this crazy pregnant lady.
Hope everyone has a great week!!!


flashback friday

Here we are, May 2005, on our first family vacation...
we started @ the grand canyon

{lovely hair, right?}

Next a little stay in Vegas-

{the boys really liked the aquarium @ the Bellagio}

And my favorite part of the trip, probably because of the forester in me :)
Poor Mister got VERY sick, but did get one good day in at-
Sequoia National Park



I would LOVE to go back and spend 2 weeks just in this park!!!
Maybe one day...


Thursday Thirteen - Q

1- Quilts... need I say more?  Love them.  Every bed in my house has one :)  and the baby's quilt is on the way
2- Quiet... I am not, I talk too much.  The mister, however, is very.  Unfortunately, JR takes after me in that aspect.
3- Quirky... aren't we all?
4- Queen... wish I was one :)
5- Quick... I can be
6- Questions... my five year old asks 500 gazillion/day
7- Quercus... genus name for the Oak family {yep , I'm a forester}
8- Quack... that's what a duck says
9- Q-tip... use them as soon as I get out of the shower {he's a pretty cool rapper from back in the day too}
10- Quality... I'm a firm believer in "you get what you pay for"
11- Que Pasa?... Spanish for What's up?  I took 2 years of Spanish in high school, wish I would have taken more
12- Quarterbacks... I am SICK of them being in my living room ALL weekend.  I love football, but really, does one need to watch every single game you can possibly fit in the weekend?  Done.
13- Quinn the Eskimo... a cool Phish song, little did I know it's not their song, they actually covered it, originally written by Bob Dylan and covered by lots of folks {learn something new everyday :)}

WOW... that was hard, yet fun.  I love a challenge.


random stuff

Here we are watching our favorite SEC Team... lose :(
but aren't we cute anyway???
And we are NO fair weather fans... we ♥ Auburn even if they lose :)

And what have we been up to lately?  Hummm...
decorating, decorating and more decorating
so, here he is about to spend his first night in his new room...
not completely done, we've added more since this was taken,
stay tuned for more soon


flashback friday

this post is inspired by my neighbor... so props to her for introducing me to flashback friday :)

November 2007
Thanks again Uncle Scotty for the golf clubs :)
it might be time for the next size up


Thursday Thirteen - P


1- Pine TreesLoblolly Pine to be exact, aka Pinus taeda for all you foresters and scientists out there {although my favorite pine tree is Longleaf Pine, gorgeous tree}. This is what I do, grow them, baby them, then cut them down to make your paper, houses, diapers, ice cream, etc…

2- Phish – my most favorite band in the entire universe period

3- Pink – my son’s blue room is about to become this color for his brand spanking new baby sister

4- Photos – I love taking them and would love to take some photography classes (I think I missed my calling)

5- Pregnant – yep, that’s me at the moment :)

6- Planning – I need to do better with this

7- Prayer – I need to pray more

8- Patchouli – I love this scent

9- Pressure – what my belly is feeling these days- pushing, kicking, punching, etc… you get the idea

10- Priester’s Pecans – one of the few things I love and miss about living in Bama {mainly I just miss my mom- love you mom!!!}

11- Pandora.com - THE coolest website ever for music lovers

12- Painting – I have painted 2 rooms in my house over the past few weeks, only 1 more to go!!!


Thanks {K}imber for convincing me to do this... very fun
Hope you all enjoy


end of soccer

saturday was jack's last soccer game...
i am sad- i really enjoyed soccer
so much that i am trying to talk him out of playing t-ball this spring
and playing spring soccer...
i know
bad mom, let him choose
so i stopped begging and told him OK ;)

here he is warming up

and here he is getting ready to play (please note the tongue- it helps)

i think this is my favorite, this is my sweetest son, setting the ball up and letting
his team mate take the ball and kick it in the goal... he is too sweet
and already working the girls... his dad must be teaching him things i don't know about ;)

here he is seriously thinking about kicking the ball

and then kicking the ball

and there you have it
soccer is over.
for this year ;)
basketball here we come
and here is a pic of the only kids who played the last few games...
luckily they only play with 3 kids, right?

poor kids, i made them look into the sun for the group photo...
year 1 of paparazzi soccer mom is over
i hope to be greatly improved for round 2

so this was a sad little time for me saturday
sure i had a great time taking a ton of pics
but then it was over
luckily bama beat lsu and the mister was happy {i would prefer them both lose}
although the game was so close and exciting
i thought he may have a heart attack while watching it
lucky for him he's married to a forester who gets CPR training on a regular basis


new stuff

as you all know, our favorite son is now 5 yrs old...
here he is with a few of the gazillion presents...
this one is dad's favorite :)

and of course, i got him his first science kit {which he ♥ed}

and he got the basketball goal he's been asking for...
ALL the neighborhood kids are enjoying this gift
he will start playing team upward basketball in january at a local church...
looking forward to pics of that?!?! you know there will be lots :)

and of course the winter olympics vancouver 2010 wii game...
he ♥s it...
he's already won a gold medal in ice hockey ;)


he ♥'s me


my thursday

consisted of
a crappy work day (it happens) - tomorrow will be better :)
taking jack to basketball evaluations, he will start playing in january - fun stuff
eating yummy mexican food with my neighbors
trying to win my first blog give away (check it out and try for yourself)

wow, what a busy thursday
i am SO ready for the weekend