My new toy

I did it. I finally bought the new camera I have been obsessing over for months. Here are my first few shots... below is my favorite bracelet combo I wear most days (mother of pearl wrap + my first rosary bracelet)

Here is JR wearing his daddy's glasses

And the hat I crocheted for the new baby

My big baby wearing the new baby's hat ♥


Back to the Beach

This has been one LONG week, I am finally getting around to going through beach snapshots from last weekend. Here are a few- enjoy- more to come this weekend.


Orange Beach, Day 1, continued...

Walking back up to the condo, we look over to the bay and see this. Not good.
Go out on the balcony, see the storm coming from the west (or right for you looking at the pic)?
Even browndog2 had to mosey out on the balcony and smell the storm coming in.
Poor JR, he is not a happy camper.
We did eventually go back out for 20 minutes or so, walk on the beach and take a dip in the pool. Then JR's uncle showed up!
We went to dinner and played putt-putt in the rain, I'll post those pics soon, hopefully not until we get home (depending on the weather).
BTW- there was lots of trash talk during dinner about who would win this miniature golf game. Of course the uncle got first place, mister and I tied for second... rematch tomorrow night?!?!? I hope so!
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Orange Beach, Day 1

Here we are at Orange Beach… one of our favorite spots. Very close to home, family is USUALLY there and the dogs are always welcome.

Playing JR and Dad’s favorite beach game- Pro Kadima. The kid is happy.

10 minutes after getting umbrellas and chairs set up and playing, we look to the west and see this.


My Award

Over the years, I have been given special recognitions and numerous small awards at work. This year I have been presented with the President’s Award. I am honored and feel privileged to be able to work for such a great company and grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me over the years.

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Last Week

So, our oldest son (and only son, at least for now or maybe not, we'll see) started PreK 4 last week. Here he is that morning, ready with this name tag and favorite pirate tshirt.

And FINALLY, we got a new snail to be the new housekeeper for Brownie and Spikey. I pick JR up from school one day and say- Let’s go get a new snail! He is super excited and ready to go. We arrive at a pet store (which will remain nameless) and make our way to the fish department, AFTER looking at numerous hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, birds, ferrets, etc…

We search tank after tank and finally start looking in tanks that are dark and have signs that read-



And tadah- that’s where we found all the snails!

I find a salesperson and he proceeds to tell me something is wrong with all the fish and snails in those tanks and they are quarantined. Just my luck, right?

JR is sad and bummed. It was late and I was not ready to venture further into town, get stuck in rush hour traffic and get home past everyone’s bedtime. So, I tell JR we will go to a different pet store tomorrow. He is still sad and not happy with me. A few miles up the road I see the giant super discount store that shall also remain nameless and tell JR- Maybe that store has a snail, let’s go see.

His response- OH Mommy!!!! I am so happy. I love it when we don’t give up!

Wow. I had no idea he loved it when we don’t give up. Glad I tried again.

Said store saved the day…

And now we have Rocco (JR was so happy I found him a snail that day, he let me name him).

Isn't he cool???

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My Smart Kid

So I bought this abacus for JR when he was about 6 months old. A little premature, I know now. A couple of days ago he pulls it out and says - what is this? I taught him how to add! That’s right, he can do 1+1=2.

Well, he could 2 days ago, I doubt he remembers today.

If anyone knows how to actually use this thing, let me know, I need some help.

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As Promised...

Here's the best of the ballon fest photos! Just imagine what this girl could do with a fancy camera.
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Always Impressive

Last weekend, we ventured to Baton Rouge to the Pennington Balloon Championship (http://www.laballooning.com/).

This was the second year in a row we have gone to the Saturday evening festivities, which consisted of a demonstration parachute team, the balloon glow (note the photo above) and fireworks. Once again the kids had a blast. And so did the adults. More photos to come later.

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New Additions to the Family

Here they are: 2 African Dwarf Frogs and a snail. The kid the new aquatic amphibians were presented to has named them Brownie (this would be the one with his backside to the camera) and Spikey (the more photogenic frog). Unfortunately I have just figured out the snail was deceased when I brought it home. Could be a bad sign. Never fear, I will keep you updated on the frogs and snail (I will be calling the store and making them replace the dead snail they sold me tomorrow!). Hopefully this whole setup is as easy and maintenance free as they advertise. If not, hey I live in LA, there's plenty of water for aquatic frogs to live in, right?

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Magically Delicious?!?!?

Alright, here I am, finally setting up my own personal blog. Which I have to admit is intimidating. There are so many fabulous blogs out there. The authors of these blogs are funny, creative, entertaining, and more. I can only hope that sharing a little piece of our simple little lives with family and friends will be enough for them.
Without further ado... here's my first little mom story that is sure to warm your hearts.

Yesterday morning I was eating breakfast with my lovely 4 year old son, as we do every morning. He was having the usual, Lucky Charms, yep, that's right, fabulously nutritious Lucky Charms. In my defense, he had a banana peeled, ready to eat when he finished his bowl of the magically delicious nutritious cereal. Anyway, here I come with my breakfast to sit beside him at the table for what is normally my favorite way to start my day.
My breakfast consisted of a glass of milk and 2 mini whole wheat bagels with whipped cream cheese. Usually I eat one, but I new the boy's reaction would be - Yummmm... I wish I had a bagel. So I made 2. As I sit down with my plate, the boy sees my bagels and says- yep you guessed it- Yummmmm... I wish I had a bagel.
My response- eat all your cereal and banana and I will certainly share my bagels with you. He smiles and proceeds to eat the cereal. In record time. Next thing I know, the kid has grabbed the banana and takes a bite. He chews, looks at me with this crazy look and starts to gag. The kid gags twice, all while looking at me and I'm just staring, like a deer caught in the headlights.
He looks at the cereal bowl still in front of him and throws up ALL the magically delicious into the bowl. This is about the grossest thing I have ever seen.
At this point I have eaten one side of the yummy toasted cream cheesed mini bagel and had a few gulps of milk. I am done. I can not eat another bite. Never fear-
The kid looks at me and says- So Mom, you gonna eat those bagels?
Me- No sir.
He ate all the bagels.