thursday thirteen U

1- umbrellas... i have used mine entirely too much the past 5 months
2- undermind... a phish song :)
3- university... i have attended 3 of these and have only 1 degree :( {wait, make that 4 if you count the online class i took while living in the middle of nowhere alabama}
4- underdog... one of my fave movies to watch with jack
5- utah... never been, would like to go
6- uncle... one of mine has a handle bar mustache, how cool is that :)
7- umphrey's mcgee... awesome band, you should check'em out
8- u2... another great band, love me some bono :)
9- ulmus americana... anybody???  that would be the scientific name for american elm
10- USA... my country, love it
11- umbilical cord... they make me nervous on newborns
12- undo... i love this button in all applications that have it :)
13- unsportsmanlike... can't stand this, there are a few teams that have songs/cheers/chants that i think fall into this category, but i'm not going to call any names here :)

ok, that was hard.

and SO excited that i am back into the full swing of blogging again
posts 3 days in a row, wow
never fear, i have a bunch of family headed this way for stella's baptism this sunday so i won't be back until next week i'm sure :)

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