goofy kids

yeah, so i was trying to get this shot-
or even this one-
cause i mean, c'mon, that girl has better clothes than anyone in this house! {thank you future sister-in-law}
anywho, this is what i got-

and my personal favorite-
they totally get this from their father
i am way too serious and not fun for this

ps- i apologize for not editing and making the pictures easier on the eye
i am amazed i am even posting on the blog these days
i am even more amazed at all the women i know who have multiple children
and do ANYTHING on top of their mothering job
hats off to all you ladies
i am impressed and hope to learn your skills soon


  1. That last one is hysterical! Cutie patooties! :)

  2. very cute! I'm proud of your post too! And of you! It will get better - in about 6 months! Sorry, just being honest ;) But what do I know! Not having a real job or anything! lol