A few posts back I showed you guys some tickets to a show to see my most favorite band. I have been trying all week to do this post to just give you a glimpse of who/what Phish is.

I began going to Phish shows my senior year of high school. A mere 14 years ago. I have to admit at first it was more about being with friends and having a good time :)
But after a couple of years I became more interested in the music and less in the good time. I mean I was still having a great time, just a different kind of fun. Anywho, this band is great. This is not the band that people go to see because the front man is hot or because they've had a #1 hit single. It is all about the music.

I also like to give the mister a hard time and tell him this

is why I married him.
He knows I'm kidding. However it is an added bonus being married to him that my name is a Phish song ;)

So 2 nights with my favorite band, YAY!!!  I had so much fun I didn't even take any pictures :(

I do have lots of photos of the kids at the Georgia Aquarium.  Stay tuned...

PS- thanks to Dad and Jeannie for watching the kids for us.  You guys ROCK!

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