Our Little Trip to TN, continued

We left LA late Friday afternoon, stopped in Bama to spend the night and more importantly pick up the mommas! About 13 hours in the car and my super sweet kid is still smiling- what a trooper :)

So is driving all that way worth it, you ask? You tell me. This was our final destination, a gorgeous cabin called Above the Clouds on the side of Cove Mountain. Beautiful inside and out with spectacular views.

Sunset the first evening we were there.

And the view of the GSMNP from one of the decks at the cabin- spectacular!

While the cabin is most accurately called Above the Clouds, we were at times surrounded by clouds. Love this place, I will go back. Stay tuned for more pics from hiking and family visits soon...


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  2. Who is this spanish speaking person commenting on your blog??

    The pictures are breath-taking....better you than me though!!

  3. WOW!!! Absolutely beautiful...GREAT shots!!