the past few weeks

have been super busy to say the least... see for yourself.

jack was a shepherd in his school's Christmas program... we were SO proud :)


and here's one of the boys decorating the Christmas tree {while i sat on the sofa}
also, please note the biggest bama fan in louisiana is wearing auburn pants (i love you dear)

and sweet friends of mine from church had a baby shower for little miss stella :)
the alabama mommas came, it was great, thank you all SO much!

thank YOU for taking pictures for me!
and also, check out her post to see what jack and mister were doing new year's ever
while i was inside NAPPING
{seriously it was so loud and the little brown dog was going nuts, not sure how i napped}

to be continued...

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  1. Whoa! How did you get him in Auburn pants?! My hubby would walk around naked first! LOL! Awwww, is that the 'giant' baby's name...Stella? Gorgeous! You look great! Take care. ;)