ahhhh.... mommyhood

i can't believe how quickly time flies
and how quick you forget what it's like to live with a newborn
and it also breaks my heart how my memories of jack being this small are so limited
i know it will be the same way with stella :(
so to try to avoid that...
i am having photos taken by a professional, erin guedry
check out her blog here
i am SUPER excited
we have only done professional portraits once i think
and she is coming to my house so it's very exciting and i don't even have to leave the house
i'll let you know how it all goes and i am sure i will have fabulous photos to post soon!

i am so sad to say i have nothing really to say on my blog lately...
which would be why it has been postless
all i do is continue to recover from my unexpected c-section and take care of
jack and stella

i feel so blessed and lucky everyday to have the opportunity to be their mother
i hope i can do a good job and they are as proud of me as i am my own mother
{she has given me such a good life}
so, since i am not working and really leaving the house much
except to go to doctor appts and fun stuff like that
all i have is super cute pics i am taking all the time of the cutest baby girl EVER

like this one

our princess
i can not imagine how rotten this one is going to be
all the boys in this house are smitten with stella
{and so am I}
how could you not be?!?!?

and how about one more...
yesterday she decided to wake up for awhile

oh!  i did leave the house last saturday for this...

unfortunately it is SUPER hard to get good pics of kids playing basketball
but jack is there in the orange #3
5 year olds playing basketball is fabulous entertaining
i can't wait for this saturday's game :)


  1. she is incredibly beautiful...enjoy her!
    and they WILL be proud you are their mommie :)

  2. Awwww, she's gorgeous!!!!! How precious!

  3. She is so beautiful! I couldn't help but notice the trees on her sheets. ;) Cute, cute!

  4. I can't remember much from Erin or Luke either. I kinda wish I had kept a journal of them. Just think,she'll be nearly 3 before you blink.

    She is precious, and I've been wanting to see her eye color - BLACK & WHITE?

    Looks like Jack was into the game!

  5. I am so excited for pictures on Friday! Your family is so beautiful.. I know we will have so much fun taking pictures & capturing memories of your sweet tiny Stella! See you tomorrow, thanks for the shout out :)