Last Week

So, our oldest son (and only son, at least for now or maybe not, we'll see) started PreK 4 last week. Here he is that morning, ready with this name tag and favorite pirate tshirt.

And FINALLY, we got a new snail to be the new housekeeper for Brownie and Spikey. I pick JR up from school one day and say- Let’s go get a new snail! He is super excited and ready to go. We arrive at a pet store (which will remain nameless) and make our way to the fish department, AFTER looking at numerous hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, birds, ferrets, etc…

We search tank after tank and finally start looking in tanks that are dark and have signs that read-



And tadah- that’s where we found all the snails!

I find a salesperson and he proceeds to tell me something is wrong with all the fish and snails in those tanks and they are quarantined. Just my luck, right?

JR is sad and bummed. It was late and I was not ready to venture further into town, get stuck in rush hour traffic and get home past everyone’s bedtime. So, I tell JR we will go to a different pet store tomorrow. He is still sad and not happy with me. A few miles up the road I see the giant super discount store that shall also remain nameless and tell JR- Maybe that store has a snail, let’s go see.

His response- OH Mommy!!!! I am so happy. I love it when we don’t give up!

Wow. I had no idea he loved it when we don’t give up. Glad I tried again.

Said store saved the day…

And now we have Rocco (JR was so happy I found him a snail that day, he let me name him).

Isn't he cool???

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  1. oh no....header didn't stretch....

  2. I can get behind that...snakes, no...cats, no...snails, why not?!!

    And every boy loves it when mommy doesn't give up.

  3. I always knew you were a fighter! I love it when you don't give up too, Miss you!