Orange Beach, Day 1, continued...

Walking back up to the condo, we look over to the bay and see this. Not good.
Go out on the balcony, see the storm coming from the west (or right for you looking at the pic)?
Even browndog2 had to mosey out on the balcony and smell the storm coming in.
Poor JR, he is not a happy camper.
We did eventually go back out for 20 minutes or so, walk on the beach and take a dip in the pool. Then JR's uncle showed up!
We went to dinner and played putt-putt in the rain, I'll post those pics soon, hopefully not until we get home (depending on the weather).
BTW- there was lots of trash talk during dinner about who would win this miniature golf game. Of course the uncle got first place, mister and I tied for second... rematch tomorrow night?!?!? I hope so!
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  1. sorry the storm put a damper on the beach time!!
    hopefully it will pass and ya'll can get back out there! :)

  2. I love that you talked trash about mini golf! You'll get 'em next time. Have a great week, say hi to the mister and JR. I miss that kid.