Magically Delicious?!?!?

Alright, here I am, finally setting up my own personal blog. Which I have to admit is intimidating. There are so many fabulous blogs out there. The authors of these blogs are funny, creative, entertaining, and more. I can only hope that sharing a little piece of our simple little lives with family and friends will be enough for them.
Without further ado... here's my first little mom story that is sure to warm your hearts.

Yesterday morning I was eating breakfast with my lovely 4 year old son, as we do every morning. He was having the usual, Lucky Charms, yep, that's right, fabulously nutritious Lucky Charms. In my defense, he had a banana peeled, ready to eat when he finished his bowl of the magically delicious nutritious cereal. Anyway, here I come with my breakfast to sit beside him at the table for what is normally my favorite way to start my day.
My breakfast consisted of a glass of milk and 2 mini whole wheat bagels with whipped cream cheese. Usually I eat one, but I new the boy's reaction would be - Yummmm... I wish I had a bagel. So I made 2. As I sit down with my plate, the boy sees my bagels and says- yep you guessed it- Yummmmm... I wish I had a bagel.
My response- eat all your cereal and banana and I will certainly share my bagels with you. He smiles and proceeds to eat the cereal. In record time. Next thing I know, the kid has grabbed the banana and takes a bite. He chews, looks at me with this crazy look and starts to gag. The kid gags twice, all while looking at me and I'm just staring, like a deer caught in the headlights.
He looks at the cereal bowl still in front of him and throws up ALL the magically delicious into the bowl. This is about the grossest thing I have ever seen.
At this point I have eaten one side of the yummy toasted cream cheesed mini bagel and had a few gulps of milk. I am done. I can not eat another bite. Never fear-
The kid looks at me and says- So Mom, you gonna eat those bagels?
Me- No sir.
He ate all the bagels.


  1. Hey!! welcome to bloggy-ville!!! :)
    Thanks for saying that..I am trying for sure..in case you haven't read I'm obsessed :)
    {with photography & blogging}