party time

This boy had his 5th birthday party this weekend... it is absolutely amazing how quickly time flies when someone so special enters your life and you watch them grow. I thank God everyday for the opportunity he has given me with motherhood. It has changed everything about me, so much for the better!

Thanks to all his friends who showed up for the party... he told me after the cake (even before the presents!) that it was the best party ever!!! How sweet is that?!?!?

And thank you SO much to all the grandparents, the uncle and my friend who traveled out of state to be there... you all made the event super special and we are all so happy you came!!!!

More to come on the birthday party and his actual birthday this week...
The MAIN reason I ♥ October is because of my favorite son.


  1. So sweet-- adorable picture :)

  2. Thank YOU for bringing so much joy to our lives in many different ways. You are the best mom!!