my alma mater

I ♥ Auburn University. I graduated in 2000. Yep, almost 10 years ago...
it was a great experience...
I began dating my fabulous husband while there, he actually proposed on the steps of the Forestry Building (it was wonderfully sweet)

I met one of my best friends EVER there (i ♥ you claire)
I learned to appreciate football there... more like how to party and have a good time b/c of football
I am now turning my son into an Auburn fan and hopefully brainwashing him to attend the university, I think it is working, he was singing the fight song by age 3 and is still cheering for Auburn with me

Now I live in the heart of a different tiger country, it's just not the same... but we still get to attend a few Auburn games in this so called tiger country...
like this basketball game 2 years ago, we were one of 12 auburn fans in the stands and we won-

Last year we took Jack to his 1st Auburn football game ever, it was great!

And the lovely Alumni Association sent me this, which totally made me send them my money and sign Clay and I up.



  1. and we {the REAL tiger country} ♥ you anyway!!

  2. That is fantastic!

    Claire and I were on a plane not that long ago and we saw a girl with an Auburn shirt on...I commented about nobody saying War Eagle when they are supposed to...she turned around, said War Eagle to Claire and made our day.

    So, in honor of you and Claire, War Eagle!