i'm back... for a minute

so, ok, i am a big ol slacker
or at least that's what i thought
and i thought i was the wimpiest pregnant lady ever
until these crazy ladies started measuring my giant baby every other week
latest weigh in... 8 lbs 14 oz with 4 more weeks to go
need i say more?
well, i'm going to :)
that being said, i am going to do a little catch up post
then i'm going back on hiatus until giant baby is born and
i am bored to tears on maternity leave :)

by the way, can i just share how entertaining my boys are...
they recently found the free karoake channel On Demand
every friday night they sing and dance for me
the little one's favorite is the freaks come out at night
remember that song?  it's great

and right now as i type this
the little guy asked mister for grape juice
mister gives him pickle juice instead
so glad i have them here to keep me entertained


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Your going to have a corn-fed baby girl! Exchange any 0-3 month stuff you have!

    And pickle juice? Really? Why?

  2. Ummmm WOW!!!!
    That is going to b a massive child!!!!
    Hope u are well :)

  3. Whoa... giant baby! My first was 8lb 6oz and I thought that was B.I.G.! Good luck! :)

  4. pickle juice....what the heck!!
    I'm so anxious to hear about tomorrow's visit and we are officially on standby!!