last weekend...

this cute little guy traveled to AL to go to his new home

meet his new family

we all miss him, but know he has gone to a fabulous family :)

it also snowed in louisiana

just a little, thank goodness!
and we had breakfast with santa, thanks to this lady
{she also took the ww post below- THANK YOU!!!}
there's was lots of fun had by all


then we headed on over to the hospital where i plan to give birth to the new baby
{note the word plan, i pray every night that i make it to the hospital}
for a sibling preparation class, where he learned how to feed, change and burp a baby :)
fabulous class, totally recommend it

we also hit the build a bear workshop at the mall where jack made this cool guy

wow, so that was a busy weekend,
i didn't even mention my mom and mother-in-law came down
and brought a surprise...
my friend rachel :)
they all came to a baby shower a few church friends had for me
{unfortunately i didn't take pictures, i was a little busy}

and mister was in atlanta watching his most favorite team EVA
become the SEC champs...
and bring this back-

and the kids just HAD to wear it to school the next day...
he isn't going to be an auburn fan much longer :(
gonna have to start brainwashing the new baby now while she's still in the womb

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  1. So will you allow him to feed, change & burp the little princess?