Thursday Thirteen - S

1- SUE... the middle name of my favorite lady {love you mom!!!}
2- SPLIT OPEN AND MELT... another fave phish song
3- SOUTH... i live in the south, everytime i move, i go south
4- SHORT... i am not
5- SMURFS... loved them when i was little, my son doesn't like them :(
6- STELLA... could be the name of the bab girl {could someone please nudge mister about this for me???}
7- SAILING... have never been but would love to
8- SOOKIE STACKHOUSE... one of my fave fictitious people
9- SAINTS... my fave pro football team
10- SASSAFRASS... a tree {aka Sassafrass albidum}
11- SIA... my fave female vocalist
12- SMOKEMONT... a fun loop hike in the smokies
13- SKINNY... i hope to be some day :)


  1. great S's :)
    I love Sookie too!!!
    and I like the name Stella--very cutie!

  2. My vote is for Stella Rose :)