word(y) wednesday

so forgive me...
but i have a few things to say about this SUPER cute photo collage
this is puppy
yes, puppy is his name
because if i allow him to have a "real" name
he will live here with us forever
and really, i am about to have a monstrous baby...
i can not take care of a puppy right now :(
although it makes me sad...
if you know anyone who is looking to give a sweet puppy a loving home
let me know
he is getting shots monday and will be ready for a family to love him

I found this poor guy in the woods while working
he was in bad shape
after 3 visits to the vet and lots of love and play at our house
he is doing great...
his fur is growing back and he's putting on weight
he is ready to be a member of someone's family

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