thursday thirteen T

1- Tennessee... a state i ♥
2- Talk... i love to talk, as most of you know
3- Trains... would love to go on a train ride in alaska or somewhere cool
4- Trees... money does grow on trees if you are a forester :)
5- Timber... a fave phish song
6- TIRED... i am so tired every evening these days
7- Tazewell... the tiny town where i was born
9- Traveling... i am not doing much of this lately
10- Tall... that's me
11- Talented... not so much :(
12- Twins... we babysat 2 year old twins the other night and they were great!
13- Trey Anastasio... an excellent guitar player... anyone know which band he plays in???


  1. You would think that the Tall-be-zee would have fit in there somewhere...

  2. Just wait till the baby arrives, you won't be *tired* anymore! HAHA! I have no idea who Trey is...? I don't even think I could take a guess. :)

  3. I'm guessing Phish. But I honestly dont have a clue!

  4. Great T's!!
    how could I NOT have thought of Tennessee---DUH!!