Thursday Thirteen - P


1- Pine TreesLoblolly Pine to be exact, aka Pinus taeda for all you foresters and scientists out there {although my favorite pine tree is Longleaf Pine, gorgeous tree}. This is what I do, grow them, baby them, then cut them down to make your paper, houses, diapers, ice cream, etc…

2- Phish – my most favorite band in the entire universe period

3- Pink – my son’s blue room is about to become this color for his brand spanking new baby sister

4- Photos – I love taking them and would love to take some photography classes (I think I missed my calling)

5- Pregnant – yep, that’s me at the moment :)

6- Planning – I need to do better with this

7- Prayer – I need to pray more

8- Patchouli – I love this scent

9- Pressure – what my belly is feeling these days- pushing, kicking, punching, etc… you get the idea

10- Priester’s Pecans – one of the few things I love and miss about living in Bama {mainly I just miss my mom- love you mom!!!}

11- Pandora.com - THE coolest website ever for music lovers

12- Painting – I have painted 2 rooms in my house over the past few weeks, only 1 more to go!!!


Thanks {K}imber for convincing me to do this... very fun
Hope you all enjoy

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  1. Okay... diapers and ice cream can be made from trees? I did not know this.

    We ♥ the pecan place. We have family in T'town and every time we head that way to visit, we always stop and get some goodies!

    How exciting to be getting ready for a baby girl! Congrats! :)