end of soccer

saturday was jack's last soccer game...
i am sad- i really enjoyed soccer
so much that i am trying to talk him out of playing t-ball this spring
and playing spring soccer...
i know
bad mom, let him choose
so i stopped begging and told him OK ;)

here he is warming up

and here he is getting ready to play (please note the tongue- it helps)

i think this is my favorite, this is my sweetest son, setting the ball up and letting
his team mate take the ball and kick it in the goal... he is too sweet
and already working the girls... his dad must be teaching him things i don't know about ;)

here he is seriously thinking about kicking the ball

and then kicking the ball

and there you have it
soccer is over.
for this year ;)
basketball here we come
and here is a pic of the only kids who played the last few games...
luckily they only play with 3 kids, right?

poor kids, i made them look into the sun for the group photo...
year 1 of paparazzi soccer mom is over
i hope to be greatly improved for round 2

so this was a sad little time for me saturday
sure i had a great time taking a ton of pics
but then it was over
luckily bama beat lsu and the mister was happy {i would prefer them both lose}
although the game was so close and exciting
i thought he may have a heart attack while watching it
lucky for him he's married to a forester who gets CPR training on a regular basis


  1. this last little statement about Luckily bama beat LSU and you prefer them both lose---well I could have done with out that!!! :)

    great pics!!

  2. Awesome pics. How cute is number 4? Go Jack!

  3. Stop trying to make him a communist...only communists play soccer...Baseball is for Americans. Americans are NOT communists. Jach is an American.

    He needs to play baseball.

    Volleyball would be a suitable substitute.

    That is all.