random rambling

Here's the new bathroom...


Whatya think?

And here are a few shots of his new room with the decals...
{FYI... this is Mister's dream room}

We still have more work to do here... but it's coming along
slowly, but surely!

On a more festive note, my cutest son ever had a little Thanksgiving program last week.
What did I learn?  I REALLY need to learn how to use my new camera :(
But I did get a couple good shots afterwards.

aren't they adorable?

He did so well!  I am very proud, was teary the whole time...
but I'm going to blame that on the hormones :)

Thursday evening I sent my Ipod to Apple for a battery replacement.
I feel like I've lost my best friend :(
Can NOT wait to get her back!!!

Did I mention I rescued a 7 week old puppy from certain death last week also???
Stay tuned for pics...
and if you know anyone who may be interested in adopting this sweet guy,
or does animal rescue work,
PLEASE send them my way

OK... enough ramblings of this crazy pregnant lady.
Hope everyone has a great week!!!

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  1. Love the Dr. Seuss thing going on...you know, he was from San Diego.

    Further proof that all GREAT things come from San Diego!