random stuff

Here we are watching our favorite SEC Team... lose :(
but aren't we cute anyway???
And we are NO fair weather fans... we ♥ Auburn even if they lose :)

And what have we been up to lately?  Hummm...
decorating, decorating and more decorating
so, here he is about to spend his first night in his new room...
not completely done, we've added more since this was taken,
stay tuned for more soon


  1. The room looks great!
    and I love the shirt that you're wearing "Future Tiger" needs to be purple and gold...but cute all the same :)

  2. Fantastic cover on that bed...!

  3. The room looks AWESOME! Great job!

  4. love the pic of you two and I see you got your button html up (guess you got tired of waiting on my help)

  5. Love, the room, love the future tiger shirt.
    I can't wait to get hand downs from you!

    Miss you !!!