man, what a monday {and holiday!}

hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving...
I know we did :)
we actually stayed home for the first time in years...
i wasn't up for traveling 12 hrs to dad's b/c i look like this-

lovely, right?
BTW, we had an ultrasound this morning
apparently i am going to have a HUGE baby...
she's already 5 lbs 9 oz and i have 2 months to go!!!

back to the holiday...
i made my first ever pie-

that bad boy has a cream cheese layer hidden in there...
i think i will make more for the next holiday ;)

I finally received my camera strap slip cover...
love it-

cute, huh?
you too can have one, just click here
she did a fabulous job and made mine especially for me :)

and don't you just love this guy's thanksgiving day getup...


and of course we had to watch football...
the iron bowl went much better than anticipated... but we still lost

i got this shirt from 2 sweet ladies out of new orleans
you can check out their stuff here

and here is a photo of happy mister after his team wins at the last minute... meh

at least i didn't have to listen to him whine and cry all night

and FINALLY we are working on the baby's room...
here's what we got so far-

is that not the cutest closet knoby thing you've ever seen?!?!?!

things are getting pink and girlie in my house - YAY!!!

so, there you have the last few days...
how about one last pic
can you get any cuter than this?!?!?

gotta ♥ those blue eyes and freckles


  1. Check out that pie! Wowsa!!! That's gorgeous! I love how you did the leafs & acorns on the top crust!

  2. yeah...you gotta spill it about that pie!! IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! recipe, details, taste test?!

  3. Thanks for the compliments! Congrats on the new baby. :)

  4. Good grief, what did you do... swallow the turkey whole? HAHA! That's a beautiful baby bump you have! That pie is pretty beautiful too! YUM! Hey, if BAMA had lost my hubby would have for real been crying. And YES that is the cutest knob thingy I've every seen! :)